"The newly formed parish now contains 150 Bohemian families and 20 other English speaking families. It is to be known as Maria Celle Parish, after a celebrated pilgrimage place of international fame in Central Europe."

-The New World, July 17, 1909

SMC was the first Catholic church in the area of what was to become the City of Berwyn. Ascension Church and St. Edmund's Church in Oak Park were built at approximately the same time.

--1910: Benedictine Sisters from the Convent of the Sacred Heart (Lisle, Ill.) arrive to take charge of the four classroom school.

The class of 1914 with pastor Rev. Anthony Nouza, O.S.B.

--1915-1923: Rev. Alphonse Biskup (1915-1917), Rev. Raphael Kubat(1917-1918), and Rev. Vitus Haman (1918-1923) serve as pastors of the growing parish.

Visit: Pictorial History of SMC parish pastors

--1923: Rev. Bernard Haman is appointed pastor and supervises the construction of a school to meet the needs of the now large parish. In 1924, the cornerstone of the "U"-shaped school is laid. The space in the center will be for a permanent church. Architect B. Rezny designs a "Spanish style" for the stone trim.

"For the past two years, Berwyn enjoyed an unsurpassed building boom, and many families from Chicago moved into this beautiful residential suburb. The present...building...could not accomodate all the children applying.... The parishoners responded very generously and enthusiastically to the Pastor's appeal and as a result, a beautiful $60,000 school has been erected."

-The New World, Nov. 28, 1924

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